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Matthew Shane St Germain Donnelly RN LMT
Registered Nurse Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner of Heart in Hand Massage Therapy. Matt is a 1987 Graduate of the Community College of RI Nursing Program and has worked for over 20 years in Oncology and Emergency care. A 1999 Graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Private Practice since 1999, Matt uses deep tissue and relaxation techniques in most of his sessions. All sessions are client driven, therefore, the client decides the areas of concentration, depth of treatment and style. Matt is licensed and insured and is a professional member of the ABMP.

~We accept Visa, Mastercard and Personal check. Paypal can be used from the booking pages (you will receive a second email with an option to pre-pay) and in the office with Matt and Frank specifically. Cash is always appreciated.

~Please consider the other clients and therapists and TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING.

~Please allow 24 hours notice of cancellation when possible-We know you can't always do this, but the effort is appreciated.

~A $25.00 fee may be assessed for chronic last minute cancellations.

~PLEASE BE AWARE, with Matt's schedule,EMAIL is ALWAYS fastest. The phone takes too long to dial when there are clients booked back to back. When in doubt-email...hearthand@gmail.com-I'll get back to you within the hour.

~We will make every effort to return a phone call, but that may mean 24-48 hours depending on the depth of our schedule and days off, for fastest response-again, email. You may email the therapist by using their firsst name and adding "@heartinhandmassage.com" (ie: matt@heartinhandmassage.com), the email will be forwarded to the therapist. Thank you for letting us take care of you.

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